Scholarships to ASRT Int. Academy of Sexology and RelationshipTherapy  


Apply for a Scholarship between March 1 and 15, 2022

SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION March 1 – 15, 2021 You can apply for Educational Scholarships to Sexologiskolen/ ASRT Int. Academy of Sexology and RelationshipTherapy  – once a year, between 1 and 15 March. Scholarship 2022 – for the Int. Sexologist & CouplesTherapist. Master & Researcher and Youth Coach.

A total of 10 Scholarships are awarded:

Sexologist & CouplesTherapist: 2 Value dkk 10.000/ Euro 1.344

Sexologist: 2 Value dkk 5.000/ Euro 672

CouplesTherapist: 2 Value dkk 5.000/ Euro 672

Youth Coach: 2 Value dkk 4.000/ Euro 638

Master & Researcher: 2 Value dkk 8.000/ Euro 1.075


The scholarships can not be put on hold, and each scholarship application must be supplemented with a regular Application Form, submitted together.

The scholarship application, consist of 1/2 page of good reasons why exactly you should receive this years help through the scholarship.

Answer will be given within 8 days from the last application day, ie. before March 23.

The education scholarships are for those applicants who are just missing a little help, to be able to start the study they are dreaming about – and get the education they really want! Many have enjoyed the scholarships over the years – and many good therapists today are able to help others because they themselves received help and support.

How to do: Application form incl. Scholarship application are send to between March 1 – 15, 2022.
Mark the email “Scholarship application” Download Int. Application form CSACT 2021-2023

Answer: We will look through the applications and select the ones that we think can be considered. If you are chosen, we will contact you and invite you to an admission interview! If you are not considered, you will of course also hear from us. Notice will be given within 8 days after the last application date – everyone will receive a response.

Age: You can apply for a Scholarship and Education, from 18 years onwards. The youngest student at Sexologiskolen is currently 19 years and oldest 70 years. The average age is currently 32 years.

Educational background: Everyone can apply, regardless of educational and work background. The scholarship is granted on the basis of, and provided that the student can be admitted to the studies.

Can existing students at Sexologiskolen apply? If you are already studying at Sexologiskolen, you can also apply for a scholarship for those educations that you have not already been admitted to / registered for.

Best of Wishes & Good Luck!

“ASRT – Int. Academy of Sexology and RelationshipTherapy”