The School of Sexology will start its own

researcheducation MasterSexologyResearcher, in 2021.

Now You can be educated Master SexologyResearcher, and learn how to research, and be one of the brilliant people, who through important and necessary research of the modern human being, bring new knowledge and possibilities to the modern human beings of today!

The education is in English, and can be followed by participants who has completed the Sexology education from Sexologiskolen, in Denmark, Norway, Sweden or the like. the international line. It is also possible to participate with other sexological backgrounds, and then supplement with modules, self-therapy etc. up to a min. level of The Sexology School “Sexologist”.

Master SexologyResearcher is our latest and newest education. It is a research education – in the International Line – for Sexologists, who wishes to determine and shape their important work info qualified and international research – in the field of modern contemporary sexology and couple therapy. 

The education consist of 10 interesting modules of 3-2 days, all in Copenhagen and all in English, written ans spoken. The meeting hours are 9.00-16.00 every day.

There will be more exams oral and written, during the education, and you must have completed and passed the exams in Sexology, either from Sexologiskolen – or from another qualified school, with maybe few modules from Sexologiskolen in addition to – supplements along with “MasterSexologyResearcher”.

You are taught Science Theory and Research Methodology. Multidisciplinary analysis of sexological issues, general and clinical sexology, etc. Plus many other interesting and and important methods and knowledge, in the field of Sexology & Couple Therapy. There will be a wider fokus on movements og tendencies in society – and in the world today, amongst others we fokus on gender equality.

We will study cultural differences as well as likenesses, and there will be a research project for each student to complete, along the education.

MasterSexologiResearcher – might be one of the most important educations in the world in this lifetime! You can get robots to do lots of different jobs – but sexual education and therapy are areas that need real human beings, trained in the field – and with high EQ, Emotional Intelligence. 

One of the most important things to balance today inn the world is equality between Woman and Man! This in value, thought and actual action. Gender equality is the UN’s 5th out of 17 world goals!

We want to help with achieving this goal!

Yazmin Fox Eisen/ Sexologiskolen




  1. (49) 5.-7. dec. 2022
  2. (4) 23.-25. jan. 2023

3.(10) 6.-8. marts

4.(17) 24.-26. april

5.(23) 5.-7. juni

  1. (34) 21-23. aug.

7.(40) 2-4. okt.

8.(47) 20.-22. nov

9.(2) 8.-10. jan 2024

10.(8) 19-21. feb

11.(13) 25-27. marts

12 (19) 6.-8. maj



Module Dates

10 modules in 3 and 2 days plus Dimission.

Up to 10% absence is tolerated. Missed days can be attained in the new class, in future classes, for a fee dkk 2.850 pr. day.

START: 9.8.20

Module 1 (week 32) 9.8.+10.8.+11.8.

Module 2 (week 38) 20.9.+21.9.+22.9.

Module 3 (week 42) 25.10.+26.10.+27.10.

Module 4 (week 48) 29.11.+30.11.

Module 5 (week 3) 17.1.+18.1.+19.1.2022

Module 6 (week 10) 7.3.+8.3.+9.3.

Module 7 (week 17) 25.4.+26.4.+27.4.

Module 8 (week 25) 20.6.+21.6.

Module 9 (week 32) 8.8.+9.8.+10.8.

Module 10 (week 41) 10.10.+11.10.

Dimission/ Graduation (week 8) 20.2.23


Obligatoric Guidance

5 Hours inspirational guidance from an experienced teacher/ researcher in the field of Scientific Research, must be added to the expenses. You can choose from a list of recommended and highly qualified professionals. Prices can vary.


Admission requirements

BA is not required. The Sexology School “Sexology Education” or a  similar Sexology education combined with the learning modules, self-therapy etc. you may need to stay on min. level of the Sexology School’s “Sexology Education”.



Dkk. 79.500/ Early Bird before December 1, 2020 dkk. 75.800

The Education is paid in 4 equal parts of dkk 19.875/18.950 17000.

Rate 1 must be paid upon admission. Rate 2 August 1, 2021. Rate 3 February 1, 2022. Rate 4, final, August 1, 2022.

You can also choose to pay all upon admission, and save dkk. 4.000.

In addition to the educational cost, you must add they prices of approx 10 books in English. 


Equivalent to the University’s 60 points, based on hours, literature, work, exams etc.



Applicationform can be downloaded from the frontpage or by mail to +45 2670 5577.

We are looking forward to teaching you!