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The Sexology Festival 2023 – 4 Lectures in English

oktober 12 @ 18:00 - 22:00

THE SEXOLOGY FESTIVAL 2023 – Thursday & Friday October 12 & 13, 2023

 The Lectures will be from around the world – You can see them Online or in Sexologiskolen/ IAS Copenhagen.

  • Thursday October 12: The Lecturers will be online and the guests can be both online or on location at IAS/ Sexologiskolen Copenhagen, Gunløgsgade 1.
  • Friday October 13, most of the Lecturers will be on location at IAS/ Sexologiskolen Copenhagen and the guests can be both online or on location at IAS/ Sexologiskolen.

Danish time!


17.55 “Welcome & Introduction to IAS by Yazmin Fox Eisen, Int. Sexologist & RelationshipTherapist, founder of IAS.

18.00-18.45: The Fusion of Masculinity and Femininity on the Canvas of Human Sexuality Jenny Louise KvarbyWhat exactly defines masculinity and femininity, and how do these concepts intersect with human sexuality? What physiological and psychological distinctions exist between bodies with XX and XY chromosomes? Does one’s sexuality undergo any changes during a gender transition? This research delves into these inquiries by engaging in conversations with transgender individuals who generously share their unique experiences of living in bodies predominantly influenced by testosterone and, subsequently, estrogen. Can we identify any discernible effects of these hormones on our sexualities, and can this shed light on the enduring stereotypes that have persisted for generations? This project aims not to provide a definitive answer but to stimulate a meaningful dialogue, encouraging a shift in perspectives regarding the implications of being born with an XX or XY body. What role do masculinity and femininity play on the complex canvas of human sexuality? My name is Jenny Louise and I am composing this work as I am finishing my degree in Sexology. My journey has led me to explore various realms of spirituality including reiki healing, tantra, meditation, breathwork and other practices, all aimed at fostering a deeper connection with the body, mind, and sexuality, which I am eager to share. My main goal with becoming a Sexologist is to open up a safe space for people to step out of the norm of silence regarding this subject and walk into a free haven where sharing, discussing and giving time and care to your sexuality is embraced, celebrated and valued.
Instagram: JennyLouiseSexology

19.00-19.45: ”Why is it so hard to speak out? – A handbook to understand consent and the consequences of sexual violence” Ebba KallinThe questions: “Why didn’t you say anything?” “ Why didn’t you scream?” “If it was such a big deal why didn’t you go to the police?” These are questions all to familiar to survivors of sexual violence. Instead of being met with compassion and care – many are met with judgmental questions and having their choices and even characters questioned. This needs to stop. In this book I go through the meaning of consent, what sexual violence actually is and the concepts that contributes to the widespread mentality of vitim blaming and long-terme effects for survivors. You will also read interviews from a number of survivors. All this to give a greater understanding for the experience of survivors and what we all need to do to help prevent sexual violence as well as how to meet survivors in the most helpfull way. My name is Ebba Kallin and I am a soon to be certified sexologist. I live in Sicily, Italy but am originally from Sweden. I work from a space of open- mindedness and individuality. I am also a breathwork facilitator and I am passionate about exploring many ways to use our bodies to heal our minds and souls. I want to be a safe and open space for people to both explore and expand their sexuality as well as feel safe to open up and get help.
Instagram: @ebbakallin


20.00-20.45: ”Let Your Yoni Speak & Reconnect with Your Pleasure” Bodil Bergström
Have you ever experienced low sexual desire, a disconnection in your Yoni, shame, perfectionism and low self worth due to negative sexual experiences in your past? Step by step I will guide you on how to remove your sexual blocks and help you reconnect with your Yoni and true sexual self. Based on my online course with the same title, I will take you on a healing journey with tools and exercises on how to change your negative narratives, step into your power and rediscover your true needs, wants and desires.
About me: I am a soon certified Sexologist & Reiki Healer from Sweden living in Indonesia most of the year. I am passionate about helping women reclaim their power, self worth and pleasure by tuning into their body and finding their own answers.
Instagram: @heartfeltsextherapy
Website: www.heartfeltsextherapy.com


21.00-21.45: “Equality begins and ends in the bed!” Yazmin Fox Eisen
Why Equality is so important to the relationship, the family, the society, the world. And how sexuality, relationships and gender role patterns play a massive and important role in the dynamics in the area of gender equality.
The Lecture is by Yazmin Fox Eisen. Founder of IAS/ Sexologiskolen. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of lecturing and giving consultations in the field of Sexology & RelationshipTherapy.
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All Lectures in The Sexology Festival in 2023 are for free – just remember to register. Latest two hours before start.

If you come on location at IAS/ Sexologiskolen Copenhagen, remember to arrive in good time! Many will come! If you are participating online, remember to check in on Zoom no later than 10 min. before the lecture begins. No entry is allowed during the lecture itself.
Zoom Link will be send to all participants on the day of the lectures, latest one hour before. Therefore remember to register latest one hour before we start!




oktober 12
18:00 - 22:00
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