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In English Please!

Many people come to the Nordic Countries, for different reasons. Some come to work and others to study: hoping  to develop new skills – and at the same time sharing their talents and developing new ideas and life/ work experiences!

Other “New Nordics” come to build  an entire new life here. Speaking English as their second language, allows them to interact and get to know the nordic residents, faster. 

Many speak English and are, therefore, qualified to take a course or program and be in the process of developing their skills which can include  consultations, either individual or with a partner. 

Speaking English opens up great possibilities and a steady stream of knowledge – which we would be delighted to share with you! 


You will be most welcomed!

Kindly Yazmin Fox Eisen

Consultations –  Individual or Couple

You will be able to receive consultations in English. All our therapists, Sexologists and  Couple Therapists speak English. In Copenhagen, Århus and Oslo, as well!

When you make an Online booking here you will be in contact with Therapist in Sexologist and Couple Therapists Yazmin Fox Eisen – who has  more than 25 years experience in teaching -as well as, consultations in the field of modern sexology and couple-therapy.

Therapy is available also online, through Skype or Facetime.

Courses in Tantra, Meditation, Fasting etc. 

You can join specific lectures in English, at our “” in Århus and Copenhagen. It is also possible to book a lecture “out of house” or “in house”. With a  minimum of 30 participants. Lectures and workshops in English can be booked for a few hours, a day or as you wish! 

Many companies book Yazmin Fox Eisen, for lectures both in Danish and English.

Due to a busy schedule, please contact us in good time. Prices will be agreed upon when you book.

Educations. Classes in Sexology and Couple Therapy world-wide.

It is possible to book  an education- either abroad or in Denmark –  in English. The Sexology and  Couple -Therapy educations are thirteen times a three day period. The number of days in between, can be planned according to what is best for both parties. Each class must consist of 30-50 participants which will be up to you to arrange. We offer a 10% discount depending on transport, place and location.

Due to a busy schedule, please contact us in good time.
Prices will be agreed upon when you book.


Please feel free to contact us at:

T. +45 2670 5577  or  +45 7026 5577


Sexologiskolen Copenhagen

Gunløgsgade 1

2300S Copenhagen DK


In English Please!

Classes, Courses and Consultations can be made in English, as you wish! 

We also have  available “out of house” in other cities and countries around the world. 




Individual  and Couple-Therapy  are both available in Copenhagen, Århus  & Oslo. Enjoy focus and development, alone & together!


One of the most effective tools for the modern human being. Meditation is helping us to be present and focused – a very big challenge in nowadays buzzy life! 

Education & Courses

Courses at/ by Sexologiskolen

Education, courses and classes,  1 or 2 or 4 days – or whole educations, can be booked ”In- House” or  “Out of House” in the Nordic Countries or abroad

Sexologiskolen Norden "of the North"

Established in 2009

We have seven schools in six Nordic Countries: Denmark – Norway – Sweden – Faroe Islands – Iceland and Greenland.

Sexologiskolen celebrates 10 Years Birthday September 23rd 2019


Sexologiskolen København

Gunløgsgade 1 & Islands Brygge 27

2300 Copenhagen S.


Sexologiskolen Århus

Skt. Clemens Torv 17, 4th floor

8000 Århus C.


Sexologiskolen Oslo

Rosenkrantz’ gae 7, 3th floor

0159 Oslo

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Sexologiskolen of the North

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