Plain sliced, Quarter sliced, Rotary (for Pommele figure) USES Decorative veneer and lumber for architectural millwork and occasional cabinetry and boat interiors. It will also react when put into direct contact with iron, becoming discolored and stained. Care must be taken … I had that happen with some sapele pommele veneer where nickel-sized areas came out shiny-dark. Trade Names. With increasing age, the wood shows greater intensity and depth in the veneer … Pommele Sapele Plywood Veneer Description: This exotic wood plywood has medium to dark reddish-brown color with "blistered and bubbled" figure. Family: Meliaceae. Teak Quarter Cut. Due to the unique growing pattern of this tree its wood provides a veneer pattern which is almost figured and, as a result, particularly attractive. Information Request via Email. Common Name: Maple. Sapele Pommele Figured Quilted Burl composite wood veneer 24" x 48" raw with no backing. Zebrawood … Other Names ... Canoes, Chairs, Chests, Concealed parts (Furniture), Desks, Dining-room furniture, Excelsior, Figured veneer, kitchen cabinets, musical instruments, Tables, Veneer. (2 x 8 x 1/42" overall thickness.) (entandrophragma cylindricum) For years, this wood has been difficult to get and has now become almost impossible to acquire in the USA. Walnut Birdseye African. Sapele Pommele FSC-1302. Uses- Sapele can be troublesome to work in some machining operations, (i.e., planing, routing, etc. Family: Meliaceae. Pommele Sapele Wood Veneer Sheets 6 x 14.5 inches VolpeWoodworks. Composite wood veneers are made of real wood in a process that utilizes a special cutting process and dyes to produce consistent, clean, defect free designs. It also removes any residue from the milling process where wax or oils may be present from the machines used to shape/cut the material. $15.00 shipping. White Oak FC. Scientific Name: Entandrophragma cylindricum. SIZES, CORE … Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Ships rolled in long narrow box. Favorite Add to Sapele Raw Wood Veneer 3 Sheets at 11 x 46 inches 1/42nd or .6mm thick VolpeWoodworks. Sapele mahogany should be cleaned with a Trisodium Phosphate Solution before applying any stain. Buy Sapele Pommele Natural Wood Veneer from Decowood Veneers to enhance the style of your home. Color: Dark. This item will ship to United States, but … The high quality of radiance gives it a 3d effect. Wenge Quarter Cut. Buy Smoked Sapele Pommele Natural Wood Veneer from Decowood Veneers to enhance the style of your home. It is truly a rare type of figure when it's this good. Sapele, Pommele Veneer Veneer Description: This exotic wood veneer has medium to dark reddish-brown color with "blistered and bubbled" figure. Figured Sapele. Sapele Lumber Angela Raimato 2020-07-23T11:29:33-04:00 SAPELE EXOTIC WOOD Once considered a more refined member of the mahogany family, Sapele is now being used as the industry standard for doors, windows and moldings due to the restrictions on South American Mahogany. 5 out of 5 stars (263) 263 reviews $ 13.99 FREE shipping Only 1 available and it's in 1 person's cart. VENEER ORIGIN. In this category, you will find high-end figured maple veneer with a deep and mesmerizing look of bubbles floating to the surface. White Oak Fumed. Toll-free: (800) 479-9907. The French word Pommele is derived from the word Pomme, translated into English as apple.It is meant to describe the apple shaped effect of the figure. $200.00. … White Birch Rotary. Other Names: sapelewood, aboudikrou. Family: Aceraceae. Sapele's propensity to exhibit such a diversity of figure types makes it a valuable source of decorative veneer. Other noteworthy applications include musical instruments, as well as both yacht and aircraft interiors. button for that veneer and it will be added to your information request. The texture resembles a mountainous landscape with peaks and valleys in a lovely reddish brown tone which further intensifies the mysterious look. White Oak Quarter Cut Flaky. The veneer is always peeled … … Raw veneer available that is from same log. A Brookside Masterpiece: Of course you can’t actually paint with veneer, but don’t let that stop you from using our products creatively.With over 40 exotic species, and countless composite veneers, Brookside offers you a palette filled with options — from Carpathian Elm Burl to Figured Anegre — that can enhance any project. Composite is made of real wood and is dyed and cut to make the sheets consistent and clean without natural "defects" or markings that would be in a natural wood veneer. Sapele Pommele. It is used in the manufacture of furniture, joinery, veneers, luxury flooring, and boat building. Other Names: sapelewood, aboudikrou. ), resulting in tearout due to its interlocked grain. or Best Offer. Walnut PS. Sapele glues, nails, and takes screws well. Sapele Pommele Veneered Boards also Sapele Pommele Veneered Sheets are both specialities of Reliance Veneer. Cut: Figured. ... Sapele, Pommele. Part Number: FSC-1302. Spanish Cedar. Local: (510) 843-4390. Fraxinus mandshurica. Sapeli PS. The wood is worth more as veneer and the lumber prices for the small remaining stocks of highly figured solid wood … This strips the tannins from the wood, opening up the surface to fully accept a stain. Install Smoked Sapele Pommele veneer sheets at your space for classy look. Colors range from brownish-tan to gray to almost white—all of which provide rare and uncommon options for highly … Japan. Composite Veneers. 1/40" thickness. VENEER BOTANICAL NAME. This highly prized veneer is known and sought-after worldwide for its stunning, lustrous, pommele or "peanut shell" figure—a lively, variable, swirling background with peanut or blister figuring. Don’t forget architectural panels, millwork, and cabinetry, either! Wood Menu / SAPELE, Pommele. Sapele is also a lustrous wood that works fairly well in all operations - planing, sawing, routing, sanding, etc." Somewhat wavy radial fiber deviations in the wood give the Sapele pommele a very attractive appearance. All pieces similar. Machining. Shipping and handling. I was afraid that the dye stain would absorb unevenly because of glue in the pores of the veneer in some places. The growth form of the Sapele has no significant negative effect on machining. Rosewood Veneer - Pau Ferro; Sapele Veneer - Pommele; Teak Veneer - Flat Cut; Walnut Veneer - Burl; Walnut Veneer - Crotch Cut; Walnut Veneer - Flat Cut; Walnut Veneer - Flat Cut w/ PSA Adhesive; Wenge Veneer - Quartered; Zebrawood Veneer; Berkeley Retail/Wholesale. Each piece carefully inspected and packaged. The hugely prized Pommele Sapele strongly marked with a swirly grain and randomly interlinked blisters. Not quite as orange as photos, some browner. Flat Cut Cherry 901/3HS. Home » Portfolios » Sapele Pommele FSC-1302. Distribution: West and East Africa Detailed application instructions included. Sapele is an economically-important wood to the continent of Africa, and one that continues to grow in popularity in other industries beyond veneer mills, here in the US. Wenge PS. To have a salesperson contact you regarding a specific veneer, click the "Add Veneer To Request?" Sapele Pommele # 1302 Composite Wood Veneer Sheet. Sapele Pommele Figured Quilted composite wood veneer 24" x 96" on paper 1/40". White Oak Quarter Cut Flaky. Part of the reason is that it is almost all being sold to veneer and other manufacturers in China, who pay more and have thus cornered the market. We can manufacture veneered boards in over 70 different species of veneer in our modern state of the art veneer pressing factory.MDF, Chipboard. Interested in or have questions about a specific veneer? November 2020 Wood of the Month | Figured Mahogany wood veneer has been, and continues to be, an excellent wood for furniture. Composite Veneers. It accepts all finishes and polishes to a high luster. One piece per price. Color Range Dark red brown, very similar to mahogany . Douglas Fir 926/V. It is commonly used as a substitute for Genuine Mahogany -- also belonging to the Meliaceae family -- and it, too, is considered moderately durable and stable. Teak PS. Sapele Pommele Figured Quilted wood veneer 41" x 69" with paper backer. Sapele Quarter Cut RIbbon. . Quartered Cherry 2-921/Y17. From shop VolpeWoodworks. Install Sapele Pommele veneer sheets at … Walnut Quarter Cut. Flat cut Sapele gives the specific cathedral or heart grain. Sapele Pommele # 1302 wood veneer sheet with several options of size and backing. A test sample had spots that would not absorb stain (dye). Custom layups of paper and phenolic back veneer sheets are also available in any quantity. Walnut Burl. This veneer has a beautiful grain, a unique and pleasing streak formation, and usually carries an energetic figure. This product will look very … Distribution: West and East Africa Among its more exotic uses is in musical instruments. It can react in contact with iron so staining with some fasteners can be a problem. Scientific Name: Acer saccharum. Scientific Name: Entandrophragma cylindricum. SAPELE POMMELE VENEER. Available: Brookline Veneer; Brookline Paperback; Related Projects. ... Properties. Composite Veneers. Color: Watch. Sapele Pommele Entandrophragma cylindricum. Sapele has a slight blunting effect on cutters, but it turns, glues, and finishes well. "AAA" grade. Pommele is the French term for dappled and it is especially apt for describing highly figured woods like sapele, makore and bubinga when the so-called quilted or blistered looks are present. A heavily Pommeled log will show a three dimensional effect of the veneer to create a truly unique and dense pattern. Demand for sapele increased as a mahogany substitute in recent years due to genuine mahogany becoming a CITES Appendix II listed species. Sapele Pommele Figured veneer: Wood raw unbacked sheet figured bubbly quilted: 2x11 bowl hand turned. From shop … If you require a combination of core type and veneer specie that we do not stock, we can provide custom layups of any quantity.
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