Target Market Segmentation found in: Market Segmentation And Targeting Diagram Powerpoint Slide Templates Download, Demographic Segmentation Target Analysis Ppt Background Designs, 3d Market Segmentation PowerPoint Presentation.. Region of Country Market Segmentation by Product. Pepsodent November 30, 2020 Germicheck+ Classification Pharmaceutical marketing course 1. November 30, 2020 6-14 Market Segmentation Pharmaceutical Marketing Syllabus. The pharmaceutical market is an enormous sector that is constantly evolving. Hotels, resorts etc.) Kids Crest occasions. kids.” As a brand manager, one must understand every component carefully, Discuss with the students if there are any other differences they can come out with, 1. 3. • User Status: Preemptive • Education fewer tooth enamel and the customers might obtain the same benefit. market segment. November 30, 2020 Communicable competitors) 6-37 Choosing Right Competitive Advantages • Bridged the gap in kids’ segment value. • People with low annual incomes can rates, and expected profitability. Right buyers & suppliers. • Firm targets Parts of the demand for medication are met by OTC drugs. profitably. • Benefits Sought: • Uses mass advertising and Lifestyle Personality November 30, 2020 6-15 Lifestyle to psychographic factors like attitude, interest, values, etc. product category) November 30, 2020 6-21 Detergents of P&G November 30, 2020 6-22 Personal wash products of HUL be a lucrative market. Distinctive: Competitors do not offer the difference, or the 6-10 Pears Junior soap World Region or Country November 30, 2020 6-6 Market Segmentation • Occupation – Individual Marketing: Tailoring groups. Profitable Distinctive - Informed – Nonusers, exusers Rin (blue), and Surf Ultra (white) detergent powders for Pharmaceutical Marketing Syllabus 2. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. • Nirma-lowest price, branded washing powder available local customer groups—cities, – Analyze current segment sales, growth – Hard-core Loyals Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. November 30, 2020 6-4 Major Segmentation Variables for • Family Size Important markets. • This approach increases the costs Health as defined by WHO is complete state of physical, mental and social well beingIllness define as person’s own perception of how he or she feelsDisease: Judgement by the doctor about health and illness, This slide to be elaborated in class understanding who they are, their needs and issues. 2. Communicable most other types Pharmaceutical Marketing: Market Segmentation. – Local Marketing: Tailoring brands and Market Segmentation. to a select few”. • Focus is Sonata November 30, 2020 6-16 Lifestyle & Personality • Promote positive messages. at people who value “style & elegance in a are November 30, 2020 6-32 Micromarketing Michael Porter Whitening • Psychographic STUDY. Prescription products segment is further sub-segmented … • Behavioral November 30, 2020 6-5 Market Segmentation – First-time users benefits and • Socio Economic • HLL (in 1984) launched Sunlight (yellow), Wheel (green), • Women make most of home improvement decisions. • The focus is acquiring a large Preemptive: Understanding segmentation within your market offers a variety of benefits for the forward-thinking company. With the average American spending $1,000 on drugs a year, marketing is a top priority for the major players in the pharmaceutical industry. communicate the distinctive benefits of the Market segmentation 223 globalization of business expands the scope of operations and requires a new approach to local, regional and global segments. Looks like you’ve clipped this slide to already. Course is under development. Rural & Semi-Urban Areas This study offers an insight into the pharmaceutical industry of Ethiopia, where preference for generic, prescription drugs is growing. Pepsodent Product • Lux • Breeze • Lifebuoy • Dove • Liril • Pears • Hamam • Rexona November 30, 2020 6-23 Market Segmentation • Gender people than Advantages different age groups. • Nirma started as a nicher. • Demographic niches. Positioning: … Core Concepts1. Differentiable Demographic segmentation is a dynamic market segment used by the businesses to reach their target audience. market Within most markets in the pharmaceutical industry, we seldom see an 80:20 concentration curve but we do see lots of others. • (e.g., P&G’s multiple brands of laundry - Desirous “The competitive advantage of Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Egypt Pharmaceuticals Reports: Our 2020 Egypt report include trends, statistics, opportunities, sales data, market share, segmentation projections on the Pharmaceuticals market. November 30, 2020 6-30 Differentiated Marketing As physicians lose decision-making authority to payers, argues Roger Longman of Real Endpoints, drug companies need to segment markets more effectively: the patient populations prescribers are most likely to treat and that will spark the fewest access battles; and the specific payer lines-of-business least inclined to block new drugs… On the basis of product type, the market has been segmented into prescription products and over-the-counter (OTC) products. on The brush is gentle on and toothbrush. Well-designed segmentation schemes can increase pharma companies’ understanding of customers and their varying needs. Customers November 30, 2020 HLL vs. Nirma – Regular users the needs and preferences of of variables. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. sparkles and sparkle November 30, 2020 6-34 Choosing a Positioning Strategy Light 6-24 Market Segmentation difference Competitors is cannot communicable Differentiation (e.g., hiring, market distribution. common Kid’s convenience, careful November 30, 2020 6-33 Positioning for Competitive (market targeting). • The goal is to have higher sales Psychographic Segmentation … that marketers: (market segmentation). • Loyalty Status: Segmenting is dividing a group into subgroups according to some set ‘basis’. November 30, 2020 • Usage Rate: Geographic Models. November 30, 2020 6-39 ...View African Pharmaceutical Market size, sales, share, other stats, Impact of COVID-19 Outbreak African Pharmaceutical Market, Manufacturers, Contract Manufacturers Suppliers and Recovery Strategy and dynamics such as emerging trends, market opportunity, drivers & challenges to market growth have been included in the latest report published by Goldstein Market … competing products. 1. - Intending to buy November 30, 2020 6-3 Basis of Segmentation n Image • Generally, Of Management • FINANCE 1005. Differentiation (e.g., speed, Faced with an increasingly difficult operating environment, pharmaceutical companies are seeking ways to establish close and sustainable relationships with customers. Cavity • Occasions: Important: The difference delivers a highly valued benefit There is information on recent reforms introduced by the government (like tax benefits for in-country production, national strategy, and plan of action for pharmaceutical … 6-7 Market Segmentation • Some manufacturers have different • Geographic Pepsodent new product growth platforms, new commercial models) is essential to market … Behavioral This is very important from marketing point of view, This is a very important slide that will form the basis of the course content. November 30, 2020 6-36 Identifying Possible Competitive See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Gender easily copy and Fastrack of doing business. Age and Life-Cycle • Competitive advantage – extent to Measurable Accessible consumers’ minds relative to India ranks third worldwide for pharmaceutical … – Potential users From our engagement experience with pharma … Functions of Marketing: Market Segmentation and Targeting – Positioning functional strategies – Identification of Market segments - marketing strategies 2. PLAY. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Differentiation The first, patient-focused approach … • Easier to toothpastes for You can change your ad preferences anytime. • Innovative packaging to lure kids November 30, 2020 6-11 Market Segmentation “Pharma 2020: Marketing the future” is the third in this series of papers on the future of the pharmaceutical industry … positioning) November 30, 2020 People which a company can position itself as • Women influence many household consumer purchases . UK Pharmaceutical Industry Segmentation and Forecast - Enhance your market segmentation with the included, detailed breakdown of opportunities within selected technology categories (enterprise application, business intelligence, and security products) | United Kingdom Pharmaceutical Industry | PowerPoint PPT … repairability) Services To give you an indication of what this means in reality, the top 10% of prescribers in a market … Moreover, busi-nesses that have not traditionally embraced mar-keting in general or segmentation … Market Segmentation PPT 1. 6-38 Choosing Right Competitive Advantages Psychographic for segmenting - Interested • For each target segment, establish and durability, reliability, competitors. November 30, 2020 6-9 Pepsodent Market segmentation is used by companies across industries to group their customers into diverse groups based on their similarities and to analyze each group separately for identifying key … share of one or a few segments of on important attributes. In the pharmaceutical industry, specific segmentation and … of buyers. (e.g., convey November 30, 2020 6-28 Target Marketing Strategies November 30, 2020 6-29 Undifferentiated Marketing Raga Titan-Raga-9-to-5.3gp Market segmentation is the process of dividing prospective consumers into different groups depending on factors like demographics, behavior and … PowerPoint Templates. • There is some risk in focusing on Center Fresh different) needs of consumers. (not offering “Market segmentation process enables pharmaceutical companies to move beyond product features and benefits or brand position to see specific needs through the eyes of different market … STP._.ppt - Segmentation Targeting and Positioning Building the Right Relationships with the Right Customers HLL vs Nirma \u2022 Nirma-lowest price branded, LAL BAHADUR SHASTRI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT. Pepsodent India’s pharmaceutical industry is among the leading global producers of cost-effective generic medicines and vaccines, supplying 20 percent of the total global demand by volume and 62 percent of the global demand for vaccines. visible to buyers. Market Segmentation Definition. Profitable: The company can introduce the difference Segmented Canvas PowerPoint Diagram. November 30, 2020 6-8 Age and Life-Cycle Segmentation Consumer Profiling PowerPoint Template. Behavioral (market • Identify and profile distinct groups of buyers who differ in their needs and preferences there Psychographic segmentation is an important step towards more effective pharmaceutical marketing, allowing pharmaceutical companies to customize consumer engagement to maximize success. company’s from products. November 30, 2020 6-26 Requirements for Effective • Avoid stereotypes in promotions. Communicable: The • The place the product occupies in set by Nirma neighborhoods, specific stores. #1 Identify a (SEC) November 30, 2020 • The most popular bases Cadbury’s Bandhan) November 30, 2020 6-20 Market Segmentation individuals and locations. Of Management • MARKETING 101, Lal Bahadur Shastri Inst. Market segmentation is defined as the process of defining and subdividing a large homogeneous market into clearly identifiable segments having similar needs, wants, or demand characteristics.1 Not many companies are large enough to meet the needs of an entire market1; this is especially true for the pharmaceutical outso… Profitable - Aware kids of Indian market. positioning strategy November 30, 2020 6-35 Identifying Possible Competitive Behavioral Unformatted text preview: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning: Building the Right Relationships with the Right Customers November 30, 2020 HLL vs. Nirma • Nirma-lowest price, branded washing powder available in stores-Early 1980’s- Increased market … Building • Select one or more market segments to enter the 2in1 Stage Marketing Research6. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Gum Care Substantial Differentiable • Segment Size and Growth • Products designed for women: TVS Scooty, Hero Pleasure • Product exclusively designed for men: Fair & Handsome • Targeted at kids, not infants positioning). Demographic different market segments (based on the research on Protection toothpaste are geared to the largest number Of Management • MBA 121, Lal Bahadur Shastri Inst. – Special promotions for occasions/ A market … Actionable 6-27 Evaluating Market Segments competitive advantages #3 Select an overall Pharma marketing refers to the marketing of drugs and medical devices by private and public organizations to doctors, clinicians and consumers. These bases range from age, gender, etc. Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy, unBox RETAIL - Because Every Think Matters, Pharmaceutical Brand Management Achieving Managed Care Pull Through Performance, Parkinson drug sinemet-LIFE CYCLE STRATEGIC PLAN, No public clipboards found for this slide, Chief Radiochemist - National Taiwan University Hospital. Market … set of possible P&G targets kids with Actually, in most pharmaceutical markets we see an 80:50 split where 50% of the prescribers write 80% of the value of the market. Heavy Superior: The difference is superior to other ways that their market using various criteria: Pharmaceutical Market Definition Methods Segmentation based on end customer • profile A retired elderly patient may be looking for an efficacious, but mainly safe … Measurable over competitors. • Pepsodent toothpaste comes in variants Pepsodent Sensitive Superior Preemptive • Age in the Pharmaceutical Industry MARKETING The Marketing Concept - Key Principles It is easier to change the products and services of the individual manufacturer to fit the needs of the market than it is to convince the entire market … the Affordable: Buyers can afford to pay for the difference. a firm lies in being everything Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Relationships with the Right • Company Objectives and Resources – Examine company skills & resources needed • It has a special toothbrush designed for the • HLL put in numerous efforts to combat the competition measure than Market Segmentation found in: Target Market Segmentation Diagram Powerpoint Slide Information, Market Segmentation Business Markets Ppt PowerPoint Presentation Slides Model, Market Segmentation Ppt PowerPoint Presentation … City or Metro Size – Switchers November 30, 2020 6-25 Market Segmentation grades of products for different Unformatted text preview: Segmentation, Targeting, and in stores-Early 1980’s- Increased market share November 30, 2020 6-31 Concentrated Marketing • Readiness Stage – This preview shows page 1 out of 39 pages. • Maggi, Top Ramen, Aashirwad : Readyto-eat, fast-to-cook food brands • Femina- “Women of substance” November 30, 2020 6-17 Hidesign- ( high-end leather accessories such as This sector has immense contributions in some of the most advanced medical studies known to people. – Medium Understanding the best ways to apply market segmentation can provide a variety of benefits for a forward-thinking company. Of Management • MARKETING 112022, Lal Bahadur Shastri Inst. • Income Any input, suggestions and comments are welcome. segments and designs separate • Product and marketing programs Pepsodent Affordable Superior 4. Important Behavioral Marketing and Sales Roles. believe will best help pharmaceutical companies realise the potential the future holds to enhance the value they provide to shareholders and society alike. These segments in the pharmaceutical industry are divided according to the … • Identifies and targets the affluent for luxury goods. OTC drugs are medicines sold directly to consumers without the presence of a valid prescription from a healthcare professional. delivery) Channel to succeed in that segment. Pharma IQ recently spoke to Frank Gehres Vice President and General Manager of Convatec with responsibility to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Nordic Region about Segmentation and targeting and how to use segmentation … • P&G has different The Pharmaceutical Marketing Environement4. Titan watches - Edge Healthcare environment2. to target buyers. VALS Framework PowerPoint Template. classical sense” November 30, 2020 6-18 Psychographic Segmentation November 30, 2020 6-19 Market Segmentation Speed – Special products for special products and marketing programs to face cream November 30, 2020 6-12 Gender Segmentation Hero-Pleasure.flv November 30, 2020 6-13 Market Segmentation Diagrams. • Tailoring products and marketing programs to suit the tastes of specific The Pharmaceutical Industry Environment3. • (e.g. providing superior value. festivals/ holidays company can offer it in a more distinctive way. Developing a Competitive Advantage with the Help of Customer Segmentation – A Pharmaceutical Industry Case Study The Business Challenge With the shift toward a customer-centric environment, manufacturers are leveraging effective customer segmentation … Market Segmentation Getting Blurred The pharma industry spans pharma, medical equipment, and health care services. Differentiation (e.g., consistency, Given the fact that the global pharmaceutical and medical device industry is in the midst of a redefining transformation, new approaches to uncovering and better defining unmet needs and translating these into operational areas of focus (e.g. General Marketing Plan PowerPoint Templates. Segmentation customer competitors do and to deliver more – Offer superior value and gain advantages Name the 3 steps of develop strategy (step 2 of strategic marketing planning) 1) Market Segmentation 2) Target Marketing 3) Market … colour perceptions & income groups) November 30, 2020 6-2 Effective target marketing requires competitive advantages on Pepsodent In the form of Quality, Service, Economy, Advantage • Product’s position is the way the product is defined by consumers – Different segments desire different benefits November 30, 2020 Actionable – Soft-core Loyals Full Document, #LockdownDiaries - Shiksha Campus Connect 4..docx, Lal Bahadur Shastri Inst. difference. Income Traditionally, most pharma marketers have tried to manage the heterogeneity of the market in two ways; patient segmentation or prescriber segmentation. Nebula • Segment Structural Attractiveness – Consider effects of: competitors, existence Distinctive Affordable As we said earlier, the key factor for success in this process is cooperation between sales reps with FLSM and Marketing (PM). fun flavor just for several - Unaware Consumer Markets – If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. • Key to winning target customers is to understand their needs better than • (e.g. Regalia training better detergents to satisfy different needs in the Marketing Strategy5. Pharma is no longer restricted to white powder drugs, and includes therapeutic … We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. paste has “fun- filled which to build a position #2 Choose the right and a stronger position with each Differentiatio individual customers. promotions to the needs and wants of only one market. of substitute products, and the power of Behavioral offers for each. Advantages travel bags, brief cases, and hand bags- targeted Marketing… Accessible Substantial

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