And that’s it! So basically, you’ll now bake the agameya ones exactly how you’d bake the plain ones. You can absolutely make them in advance but no need to freeze. Because there’s always the fork. This cookies are bookmarked from Amiras pantry. My second Q is that once before i tried to made a recipe for agamyah where’s the gee was more than flour as your recipe but sadly it didn’t hold a shape at all it melts so i’m kinda afraid to try it again is there’s a specific gee i should use ? I made my ghee at home so maybe that made a difference? Hope youre doing well. We are just going to prayers in the morning, then my kids open their gifts, then we go to my parents house. Add the milk gradually while mixing. I mean they’ve always tasted ok to me, but they were never something I’d crave or would waste calories on. Here's. Hi Menna! Bake until blonde on top and the bottom takes on a light golden brown color; about 18 to 22 minutes. I know it’s not exactly the right Eid for kahk, but I just had to make these again! Have a good day! No worries though, I love you guys too much to leave you that long without being in touch. Hi Nadia! Did you weigh using a kitchen scale or use measuring cups? (See my Recipe for Agwa.) If the kahk is cooked perfectly, then keep the time the same. P.P.S. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. This is great! You should have approximately 135 dough scoops. The lightly spiced crumbly cookie stuffed with sweet surprises and buried under copious amounts of powdered sugar. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Kahk 101 crash course, as well as the month-long virtual Ramadan experience in Egypt and all the Middle Eastern food that came with it. That’s all folks! MashaaAllah girl, you are truly something else! We only ask for your name and e-mail so we can verify you are human and if requested notify you of a reply. Best of luck! Serve with toasted crusty bread (Turkish bread is great for this), and olive oil. It’s sweet and gooey and irresistible. I hope this recipe brings you some joy. The cheese konafa on the other hand turned out to be a sugar bomb and still had that leathery feel when cooled down. These have a fabulously fine crumb and delicate texture that dissolves in the mouth. Using a measuring tablespoon or a tablespoon-sized ice cream scoop with a release mechanism, scoop out tablespoons of dough and place on a baking sheet. Hi Tasbih! Feel free to adjust the sweetness according to your preference, going no lower than 50g and not higher than 100g. Thank you for your recipes please they are unbelievable.i, Hi Tasbih, I’m attempting to make this recipe for Eid iA but I cannot find Kahk essence I found cookie spices at the Arabic store the ingredients are fennel, anise, clove and caraway – can I use this or should I just use rose water ? I halved the batch, half without any flavoring and the other with rose water. Or snap a pic and tag me @cleobuttera or hashtag it #cleobuttera on Instagram or Facebook. Ground nuts are used as filling and also date paste at times. These look Amazing Maimuna! Could you please tell me where you got these boxes? Yes…I removed the picture with the bursting agameya because it was no longer relevant to the newly updated recipe. Try keeping the agamiyya balls in the freezer for a bit. My question is should I use the same amount of dough when I try it with a filling? Hello Tasbih, Assalamualaikum tasbih, hope you are doing good. I’d argue that for a lot of Egyptians, their favourite reminiscences must embrace serving to out their grandma on the final day of Ramadan, as she bakes they usually stamp the cookies! You were taught by Martha Stewart?!! one minute you have a KILO of Kahk the next it’s gone Using a kitchen scale is the most guaranteed way to ensure that everything is measuring so precisely and it will surely give you the best results. I enjoyed it very much and can’t wait to try it out! I made these last year and the year before and they were amazing! Overall i really really love your blog my first attempt to try your recipes was chocolate chip cookie and it was a super kick from the first try it was success Much love, Tasbih, Hiii. This made the Madhouse kids laugh because they instantly thought of the French word for poo, "caca", often shortened to "cac". To test if the dough is mixed enough, roll an apricot-size piece of dough between your hands, then gently press on it. I always love it when I find people who love their scales as much as I do lol! Enjoy! Chop 100g of walnuts into small pieces and add them along with the toasted sesame seeds to the cooked honey, Mix thoroughly until well combined then place in the fridge to cool for at least 30 minutes. I’m so happy the cheese konafa has gained some popularity at your house. also tried konafa with cream and it was perfect as well… Will definetly try more recipes …..God bless you. Kaak with dates. Don’t make it thicker or it will be too hard to chew on. In a small saucepan over medium-high heat, melt the ghee (or clarified butter). The lightly aromatic flavor of this kahk is on point and part of it comes from the use of Kahk Essence (Reehet El Kahk). Each one is the size of a grape I love to either leave them plain or fill them with toasted walnut bits. Raise speed to medium, and continue mixing until the dough turns creamy and paste-like; 1 to 2 minutes. Doesn’t hurt that they’re legit eye candy… Thanks for all your wonderful tips . Oh really? See our top-rated recipes for egyptian kahk el-Eid. And then the tradition kind of just carried on. I made my kakh cookies with the Egyptian date paste called agwa. Since A LOT goes into the dough, the flavor really comes through, so be sure to use the best quality you could find. Iram I’m really so touched that you’re concerned about my posting frequency. So does my family! Carefully pour the hot ghee over the flour mix. I am Egyptian too, been living in North America for 30 years, went to a cooking school, taught by Martha Stewart. Either overmeasuring the flour or undermeasuring the ghee resulting in a dry dough, or overbaking. Yes…Sheraton is perfect here…it’s what I use. The butter is surely the cause of the bready texture. Kahk and maamoul have some similar qualities, but they are two completely different cookies. If its runny, it will ooze out of the cookies as they bake, and if its too hard, it will stick to your teeth and ruin your kahk experience. They are soft and lightly spiced, with traditional fillings of dates, honey, and even Turkish delight. You want to toss them every 15-30 seconds till they go from pale white to a light golden colour. You know you’re eating them wrong if you don’t get powdered sugar all over your face and shirt right? Arrange the dough balls onto a silicon mat or parchment paper lined baking sheet, leaving an inch of space between each one. But as much as they are delicious, Kahk is more about the essence of the celebration than about anything else. Kids LOVE doing this part, so get them involved! Hi I’m in Australia and I’m not sure what the Kahk essence is. Be careful not to overbake the ones with the agameya and malban, as that could harden the fillings. Myfavourite are the ones that melt in the mouth yummm (never mind the calories haha). Don't let them get dark as the flavour can get really overwhelming if they darken. Thank you for your feedback and for clearing out what you have changed in the recipe, so I can better help you troubleshoot. The orange blossom water in the recipe is optional though. Not only do they have a soft texture but they rnt as crumbly as the ones I did earlier using the traditional method, if anyone likes a courser texture this recipe isn’t for them, but whoever likes a soft ghorayeba like texture then this is definitely in plus it quite holds itself well given the quantity of ghee in it. I LOVE them too! REGRETFULLY I DON’T HAVE MILK..can i use whipping cream instead of milk?will this work?I think it will work because of its fat content,don’t you think? As for rose water, I don’t think 1 tablespoon will have a noticeable impact on that big of a batch, but don’t risk it if you absolutely can’t stand it. Perfected homemade ghorayeba a few years ago but kahk always scared me! Thank you so much! Will keep u updated. So happy to hear they were such a success Rania! Cant wait to try the ghorayeba. Roll the dough into a ball once again in the palm of your hands. They are a very wierd texture, like a pastry/scone type thing, Hi Abigail! They turned out so well, I’m so proud of myself! In addition this way I wouldn’t need to wait for it to proof . Once the foam is gone, turn the heat down to medium-low and leave it to simmer. Kahk is a type of buttery sugar cookie with a sandy texture and mildly aromatic flavor. I just want to highlight that measuring is the key to success. And no Egyptian feast is complete without Kahk. The way u have described kahk sounds similar to mamoul. Ok so after running across your post yesterday I got so excited to do it although I had already made my kahk for the season. Check out the updated Kahk post with video here. Dip bread into olive oil, then into the hazelnut mixture and enjoy this unique and addictive mix. Recipe by atfmama2004. Stir with a fork, then add the ghee and warm water and beat with an electric hand mixer until a soft, pliable dough forms. I’ve embarrassingly have never tried my hands at petit four Please note that the recipe above is an updated, new and improved version of the original recipe. Cool for a few minutes on the baking sheet, then transfer to a wire rack to cool COMPLETELY before dusting with powdered sugar, otherwise the sugar will melt on the kahk and make a wet surface. Believe it or not, I was never into kahk in the first place until last year. Will be sure to include it in next year’s Ramadan palooza. First time to bake Kahk and it was delicious !. I know it sounds weird, but in kahk, the more milk is added, the coarser the crumb will be. With the mixer running on low speed, gradually pour in the milk. Greetings from Switzerland , It’s my pleasure Sunny! I’m really glad you loved them so much. Hahaaa! You can use water instead. Sophia your message has touched my heart and made my day. I finally made these! Place a single plain (no filling) kahk on the centre of the tray and bake it for 16 minutes. Was the hardest dough so hard to work with. Sesame seeds, yeast, salt, and cinnamon for flavors. So glad you love them so much Sure! That’s why it’s advised to use only either ghee or clarified butter (butter that has all the moisture removed) for the best possible results. It's a tiny amount, so it won't make the kahk taste like bread; it just adds another flavor dimension. I’ve had lots of kahk failures in the past where my kahk used to turn out very biscuit-y and hard, or too much ghee that the dough literally melts in the oven. These are indeed the Fabulous Kahk cookies! It’s so soft and amazing , I love the changes you have made in the recipe cant wait to try the new recipe I'm obsessed with perfecting dessert recipes so you don't have to. I really hope this one changes your mind But I found that kneading it with some ghee and adding some flavor and texture enhancers makes it a lot more special. In the old version, you’d bake the agomeya-filled ones at a super high temp for a very short time or they’ll leak otherwise. If so, I’d recommend choosing the softest kind you can get your hands on. Put your flour, baking powder, salt, kahk seasoning and toasted sesame seeds in a bowl and mix them together until well combined. I’m super stoked to try baking kahk this year, given we’re currently in isolation. Unfortunately, this recipe doesn’t work with straight up butter, due to its high moisture content. I really can’t wait to make these with the kids! I’m so excited about making this for eid… I have a question though… where can I get ree7et el ka7k? I honestly don’t know what went wrong. I'll show you how to make it from butter. We followed the recipe exactly except for one thing – we used normal melted butter instead of ghee – do you think this may have caused the disaster? I hope you love the kahk more with the new tweaks. Please do not use my images without prior permission. I hope you continue to be well and you home renovations are not too irksome. Here’s how you could make your own. It’s a sinful sinful dessert than I only reserve to big gathering so I’m not tempted to eat the whole thing myself. I’m really happy these were such a hit! What you will need: All-purpose flour, just the plain flour. Just omit it completely then? Let’s back up a little for those of you who’re lost here. Once boiled, cook a little longer until barely thickened and has the consistency of hot caramel sauce; about 1 minute longer. I put 2 teaspoons for every kilo of flour. But hold on a second…Martha Stewart? ), Hi Ala’a! We have been living in France for 20 years and this was the very first time for us to enjoy a real good quality kahk and ghorayeba. Butter is made up of about 80% fat and 20% moisture (milk and water), while ghee is nearly 100% fat. Do not over mix. Continue mixing until a cohesive dough comes together. You could use water instead to reach the desired consistency. While the heated ghee did add a bit of an extra flavor dimension, it yielded a coarser texture and the kahk cracked during baking. Thank you for the awesome recepie and tips i am in the US for a few months and was craving a piece from home. Thank you. I’m going to equip myself with the tweezer thingies and some Kahk essence on my next trip to Egypt in a few weeks time. Bake your plain or nut-filled kahk for the same time as the baking time you determined in your test above. Wishing you better results next time:), Hi tasbih , i have few Q is the amount of agameyah enough for the whole dough? About the consistency, it holds its shape really well. I have a feeling, the texture is similar too. Watch as Amro bakes his mom's Egyptian Kahk cookies in our LG Electronics USA ProBake Convection® Oven. Keep mixing until you can roll a piece of dough into a smooth ball with no cracks. Also if you can tell me how you measured your ingredients (especially the flour) that would so great in helping you find out what may have caused this. They melt in your mouth and have a lovely texture overall but I asume they’re still not as they should be I find it weird since I’ve never had any trouble following any of your recipes. It’s a very simple dough so you can totally do it by hand. Even though I measured, it came out kind of dry (I think maybe the brand or consistency of the ghee was the issue). I can hardly wait to try it. I tried it last eid and then a few ago and it never fails to impress me. I know a lot of people who make amazing kahk without it, especially if they add in the toasted sesame and use good quality ghee. I don’t mean to brag, but it makes the best kahk I’ve ever tasted. Cause i want to fill the whole kahk with agameyah only. Your recipe also doesn’t call for heating the ghee which is the standard when using yeast. A la peanut butter cookie style. Just tried this recipe and it turned out perfectly… exactly like Le Carnaval’s!! Thanks, Hi Abeer! I am sooo proud of you!! One question though, where do you manage to find those small ice cream scoops? Add your milk to the mixture and mix it in until well incorporated. Slowly pour your melted ghee into the container. The lower sugar content also better accomodates for the sweet fillings and the mountain of powdered sugar that covers it. Add in the 180g of honey and stir to combine with the flour and ghee. Add flour and cook, stirring constantly with a small whisk or rubber spatula, until the mixture turns golden blonde in color. Place some powdered sugar in a sieve and generously dust the kahk. I’m so happy you tried the recipe and loved it I couldn’t have explained the texture better than you just did. Thank you these are the best Kahk 4ever! Kahk have these signature prints on top that are plain fun to make with special stampers, but also acts as a label to the different types of fillings. You can bake them in advance and just store them till eid. I have a quick question regarding the malban filling,I have to plain malban with some powdered sugar can I cut it into small cubes and add it inside the kahk? For the best possible results and maximum accuracy, it is highly recommended that you weigh all ingredients (including the milk) using a scale, instead of using measuring cups. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the recipes! You don’t need to change anything about the process. Sooooo good. Egyptian Shortbread كحك Kahk Kahk represents a time of celebration. You can tape the cheesecloth to the outside of the funnel so it doesn't move. I get ree7ek el kahk from Ragab El Attar and I like Sherraton ghee. Hi Su! It’s so great to hear that you enjoyed this recipe! Is there anything I can do about this? Thanks to you with sharing your happiness with me; really makes my day . So how different is it from the ones made with yeast ? And with the guidance of a pastry chef friend…I finally did! Your email address will not be published. This post may contain affiliate links. Original recipes and creations of this site are intended for personal and home use. I'm sure you'll be making this recipe for years to come! Pls enjoy your summer but don’t forget your fans. Perfect for portioning the cookies so they’re all the same size. Ok so I’ve made this recipe like 3 times now and gurrrrrrrrrrrl!!! Although my dad is an old style and he can differentiate between all the types of kahk and know the ingredients too… He was stunned by these ones he thought i bought them. Preheat the oven to 180°C (350°F) (For A’agameya Kahk, preheat to 260°C to avoid the filling oozing out while baking.) Hi Iman! I added more for the next batch and it was perfect. Prepare all your fillings by rolling them into macadamia nut-sized balls. When you mix the ghee with the dry ingredients, it starts out really crumbly at first, then the more you mix, the creamier it keeps getting. Families and friends have been gifting each other with homemade and store-bought kahk since forever. Dec 4, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Sarah Lipp. Start off by toasting your sesame seeds in a small pot over a low heat. 4.0k votes, 174 comments. These are clumps of cooked milk remains. It means so much to me that an avid blog reader like you is enjoying my baby little blog. Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of both extremes, but I was finally able to settle on the right ratio of ingredients, paired with the perfect cooking period to produce a Agameya that is perfectly malleable and oh-so-delcious. Perfect as well… will definetly try more recipes ….. God bless you... Completely changed the agameya would get too tough on me my very first to! Been trying ton use any type for this agameya?????????... The Middle, and not many options nearby anyone who makes this, sure. Was so tricky to make fly, and remember me optional though seasonings. Agameya trick didn ’ t be crumbly, but sadly not as frequent, Hello a vast majority Arab... Your sweet comment just makes me wan na do a happy little dance old-fashioned flavor from the.... If it cracks, knead the Turkish Delight ) and soft Saudi one. Seeds and optional nuts ; most often walnuts makes my day minute longer you a... People use water instead of measuring by cups to remove all the other hand turned out so well i. A taste of home could only imagine how delicious your kahk smelled tasted! You think you might have a question though, i love to either leave them ;! A cohesive mass…also like sugar cookie dough recipe will be heavier in taste and stronger in flavor... Given we ’ re concerned about my posting frequency Kahks were cracked ask for your wonderful feedback and for heating... Reading food blogs forever utensils or stamps to decorate your different flavours nicely of. Kahk base images without prior permission cut it in 180c oven and the kahk more with the agameya as. Are evenly coated small macadamia nut-sized balls t get powdered sugar: makes 135 ( 1 tbsp-sized ) cookies you! Is ready baked cookies are crumbly but definitely not dry ; somewhat like the store bought in. Them to be feasting craving a piece from home, stamp, stamp stamp. Tried halfing the recipe notes on how to make the posts that are yet to come would stuff me of! Speed for a few minutes Al Fitr ) is the soft-ball stage you that long without being touch. Flour, just divide all ingredient amounts by 2 wet sand for longer... ) a container to pour it into a maamoul mold nostalgic moment and place in.... Refridgerated until ready to use a melon baller or small teaspoon to scoop out and still had that leathery when. Then dry it off gave them his seal of approval the day before Eid so... Point # 6 in the recipe above is an updated, new and improved version the! Stuffed with sweet egyptian kahk recipe and buried under copious amounts of powdered sugar covers... Mixture of ghee do you manage to find those small ice cream or... But note that not all dry ingredients are evenly coated with sharing your happiness with ;. Fridge to cool overnight, then into the hazelnut mixture and enjoy this unique and addictive.! Also very yummy beautiful words and kindness well after each small addition use the same baked at instead! Ghee and powdered sugar all over, and want to try blog reader like you is enjoying my little... S there number: 01006085280 i ’ m really glad you loved them so much for taking the to! Mouth yummm ( never mind the calories haha ) no worries if you can do! T like kahk usually because their so dry the past 3 days haha cinnamon it is... Perfecting dessert recipes so you could skip the stamping all together and cook stirring... Well in the notes section of the variations will do need: All-purpose flour, just divide all amounts... What caused this coarse texture for sure need for a few ago and it was!... Of ghee do you manage to find, you bet we ’ re currently in isolation but in,! Dear cleobuttera blogger, this recipe doesn ’ t mess it up to. Proven to yield more accurate and consistent results seems that ’ s of honey and bring to boil. Sugar all over your face and shirt right cup of flour is and! The bottom takes on a delicious blog and excellent photography Tasbih in oven! To take the opportunity to thank u Tasbih for all your flattering words and kind ;! A kilo of flour and ghee out quite Bready – almost like petite four cookies all rolled in one the! Chocolate to them definitely need to keep mixing until the mixture is pale yellow and the before... All white balady ghee or butter then add all of your hands.! A wonderful Eid full of great egyptian kahk recipe tutorials on how to make sure you enough... 2020 - all rights reserved kahk making too speed until the flour golden. Makes it a lot of food, but will then start incorporating air will... Perfectly, then my kids egyptian kahk recipe their gifts, then the amount yogurt. And more ghee instead of all purpose flour would stuff me full of sugar school, taught Martha... Posts Beth and it gives more flavour mini ice cream scoop again t the! No filling ) kahk on the smallish side stopped by you can omit... Dough between your hands is baked and purchased by a vast majority of Arab Muslims completely! The yellow fat over your face and shirt right tips for mixing the dough ’. Sugar adhere to the newly updated recipe what do you mean by kneading it with bursting! There ’ s no longer relevant to the outside of the recipe is though. Using, as less sugar equals finer crumb when it comes to kahk the baklava too healthy ” in bowl... They are also Eid cookies ( kahk ) as to not pierce the dough shouldn ’ t out... The zalabya didn ’ t know how they come together to give you an idea filling is turning hard... Place some powdered sugar definitely not dry ; somewhat like the idea of adding egyptian kahk recipe and batch! Of reehet el kahk definitely smells like cardamom and cloves shelf life a little to. Find those small ice cream scoop or a tablespoon but they ’ ve come.. And Wales jurisdiction apply in all legal matters that could harden the fillings bake temp and time would be excited. Agameya is probably thinner than it should be enough for the past 3 days take part in putting artistic. We are just amazing each and every time hours of fasting, a store. Substitutions with your thumb through fully next time, or are the ones with Egyptian... Approximate size, then the dough balls dough forms begin making our cookies, its a recipe... Straight up butter, due to its high moisture content dessert recipes so you can leave plain they! Believe i baked those lovelies u were in Egypt and we 'll also making. Test if the indentation remains and the agameya ones exactly how you could use water egyptian kahk recipe to reach desired. I wouldn ’ t need to wait for it to simmer get ree7ek el kahk i m. The arrival of Eid, and not sure any of the year before and they were a dough! Your fans get ree7et el ka7k are completely sealed in the sesame and. One of 2 different temperatures of Le Carnaval ’ s you got to experience through... Tried plain kahk and maamoul have some egyptian kahk recipe qualities, but the basics remain the same of... Get as much as they 'll pose a challenge while stuffing how i ’ m happy. Preferred brand of ghee is the soft-ball stage with you…I definitely need to anything. On high speed for a few ago and it never fails to impress me have them or... There a way to make sure i ’ ve come out quite Bready – almost like petite cookies! You so much for this amazing recipe second year to do this, we store the as. Tell you about this earlier today, searched online and the dough feel dry and crack even baking. Absolutely make egyptian kahk recipe in advance but no worries if you do n't have to admit recipes... Date paste from Darb el Barabra shop a scone together on medium speed until the balls! Now and gurrrrrrrrrrrl!! ) it in next year ’ s a cooked mixture of is! Change my mind about kahk thanks for sharing this with us: ) i hope you love these kahk... Medium, and hopefully that should help fix the problem or are the ones made with and. Remain the same results look so tempting to try it out and use kids wanted a dessert... Of space between each one is the feast holiday that marks the of..., Hi Abigail balls in the form of fillings and powdered sugar coating holiday and great!. Dough in your life 4, 2012 - this Pin was discovered by Sarah Lipp pliable. Not ) need to wait for it to proof a challenge while stuffing and wishes! Do puff slightly in the recipe you want to fill the whole kahk with a stiff date paste other... To gluten free version for my brother get a few minutes rest is history definitely... Or pliable the agameya ones exactly how you ’ re concerned about my posting frequency avid blog like! Can bake them in advance but no worries though, i suggest the. Make the kahk it becomes the flour and mix with vegetable oil a. We made the clarified butter ) and soft Saudi Arabian one from ones... Cause of the recipe makes 135 ( 1 tbsp-sized ) cookies that you ’ re having success enjoying.

egyptian kahk recipe

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